2021-03-09 Trivia Quiz


2021-03-09 Trivia Quiz

Online Trivia. Recorded by JerryH. Quiz created by JoeF

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Which actor played Reverend Shaw Moore in the original 80s film Footloose?

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The laying down of rock-forming material by any natural agent is called what?

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What is the name of the bar that Peter and his friend hang out at in Family Guy?

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What automaker is credited as being the first company to introduce side collision airbag in the 1990s?

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In the United States, how many state names begin with the letter N?

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Which of the following is not one of the five major layers of the earth's atmosphere?

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What English pop band had an 80s hit song with The Look of Love?

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In what year did the following occur Exxon Valdez disaster, Seinfeld premiered on NBC, and Rain Man was a hit at the Academy Awards?

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Which Major Baseball player admitted to steroid use in his tell-all book, "Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big?"

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Name this landmark

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Who was the original host of the TV game show Jeopardy?

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My friend in the cleaning business knows it as Borax, my other friend, the science geek, knows it by this?

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Name the Schwarzenegger film. Cindy: "What happened to Sully?" Matrix: "I let him go."

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In 1995, Dan Marino surpassed which player for most yards passing in an NFL career?

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According to the title of the popular 1940 Thomas Wolfe novel, where can't you go again?

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What defunct U.S. car manufacturer was formed in South Bend, Indiana in 1852 as a blacksmith shop?

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Fill in the lost Kid Rock lyric: ''It was _____, my thoughts were short, my hair was long, caught somewhere between a boy and man...''?

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Where in America are you if you're eatin' some barbeque on the world famous Beale Street?

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What is the first name of the character in the film Fargo that had his wife kidnapped in hopes of recovering the money he embezzled from his father-in-law's car dealership?

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Name this republic

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What year was the film Kill Bill: Vol. 1 first released in theaters?

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