2021-03-23 Trivia Quiz


2021-03-23 Trivia Quiz

Online Trivia. Recorded by JerryH. Quiz created by JoeF

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What TV series featured a white Victorian home owned by the mysterious Mr. Roarke?

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Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison were all born in which colony?

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Which Bourne film features an action-packed car chase in a red Mini while in Paris?

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What state is considered the Show Me State?

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Most products for sale in stores have a UPC code. According to IBM, UPC is an abbreviation for what?

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Before making it to the NFL, what QB played ball at Butte Community College and the University of California at Berkeley?

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Which legendary artist is NOT mentioned by David Allen Coe in his classic tune ''You Never Even Called Me by Name''?

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The Gettysburg Address starts ''Four score and seven years ago...'' How long is a score?

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If a surface is superoleophobic, what is its main characteristic?

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Called Many things.

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SpongeBob SquarePants loves to sing! What song did he NOT sing?

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Which character dies in William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies?

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What was the name of Judge Smail's shapely niece in the iconic 80s film, Caddyshack?

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What college basketball team ended UCLA's record 88 game men's basketball winning streak?

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Andorra is a tiny nation landlocked between what two countries (x, y)?

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What hotel chain is mentioned in the classic Sugar Hill Gang tune Rapper's Delight?

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What World War II veteran was the last to have served as President of the United States?

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What is the first and last name of Peter's boss in the movie Office Space?

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What is the atomic symbol for zirconium?

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80s pop star. F&L

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In what year was pop music diva Lady Gaga born?

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