2021-05-05 Trivia Quiz


2021-05-05 Trivia Quiz

Online trivia. Recap by JerryH. Quiz created by JoeF

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Which Big Bang Theory actor had a cameo role in the 2011 film The Muppets?

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She may be the most decorated figure skater in US history but she never won an Olympic gold. Who is she?

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Which 90s group sang, ''We'll walk upon the water we'll rise above this mess. With a little peace, and some harmony, we'll take the world together.''?

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He served as Vice President under John Adams and then became our 3rd President. Who is he?

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Hey, I just met you. What's my name?

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According to the USGS, how much bigger is a magnitude 8 earthquake than a magnitude 4 earthquake?

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Which actor portrayed Dr. Foreman on House?

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Waterloo Station is a major railway station and transport interchange complex located where?

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Which character from The Princess Bride tells us that he wears a mask because they are terribly comfortable and thinks everyone will be wearing them in the future?

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Which Sex and the City star had a supporting role in the original release of Footloose?

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Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek aren't siblings, however they are members of which golden group?

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Which state does NOT border British Columbia, Canada?

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In season 5 of The West Wing, whose character was nominated for a Supreme Court Justice?

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What TV maid starred in a series of commercials dubbing Bounty paper towels as ''the quicker picker-upper''?

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Name this country?

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During 2006, Google purchased what .com for more than 1.65 billion dollars?

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What well rounded Broadway musical featured the song If I Loved You?

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According to The Produce News, more avocados are consumed on these two days than any other days of the year: Cinco de Mayo and what?

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At the height of 5'3'' what player finished his NBA career in 2001 as the shortest player to every play in the league?

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In Back to the Future, what song did George and Lorraine first dance to at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance in 1955?

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In what year did Back to the Future Part III hit the big screen for the first time?

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