2021-06-01 Trivia Quiz


2021-06-01 Trivia Quiz

Mooney's on Main Street. Recorded by JerryH. Quiz created by JoeF

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Who voiced both Yoda and Cookie Monster?

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On the show ''Full House'', what was D.J. Tanner's full name?

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What is the term for a group of geese on the ground?

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In the movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" who found the data drive that Captain America hid inside the vending machine?

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Name this legendary performer. F&L

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In which state would you find San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge?

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In the 80's, you could hear the song ''Dream Police'' on the airwaves. What musical group sings it?

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What nation did Japan defeat in a war that took place in 1904-1905?

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Which first lady was the author of ''Millie's Book'', a book about an English Springer Spaniel?

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In which movie would you hear the expression ''Shake and Bake!'' said by two best friends (two words)?

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Cavendish, Pisang, Raja, and Manzano are all types of?

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Along with four million other people, the Los Angeles Lakers moved to SoCal from someplace else. Where did the Lakers play before moving to Tinseltown?

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Who sang the title song to the James Bond film ''Golden Eye''?

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Which of the following states does NOT border another country?

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What Quiet Riot front man was found six days after overdosing in his Las Vegas home in 2007?

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From 1959 to 1970, General Mills cereals used which two cartoon characters to advertise for their cereals including Cheerios, Coco Puffs, Jets, and Trix?

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In order for a tropical storm to be a ''named'' hurricane, how fast, in MPH, must the winds of the storm be maintained?

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The University of Richmond in Virginia has a mascot that shares its name with what superhero?

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In the HBO series The Sopranos, who shot Tony Soprano?

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